"stay strong, little marshmallow" ❄️
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your bio gives me life

I love u im glad u like it :-))))


My goal right now actually.
Dan is going to help me, we talked about this yesterday 

friendly reminder #5


everything that you are matters. don’t tell yourself that you are not important. you are incredibly strong. full of radiance and gifts and beauty. everything that you love is what you are. your value is immeasurable. you will be okay.



Nicole doing good work.


The most authentic thing about us is our capacity to create, to overcome, to endure, to transform, to love and to be greater than our suffering…

Ben Okri   (via seulray)
1. You’re going to have to treat every man like an explosive until he proves to you that he’s burnt out. Often, the wolves are disguised as woodcutters.
2. Being a lady ain’t easy, honey, but somebody’s gotta do it.
3. When he asks to see your body, show him your fists.
4. Do not try to be pretty. You weren’t meant to be pretty; you were meant to burn down the earth and graffiti the sky. Don’t let anyone ever simplify you to just “pretty.”
5. If they ask you to give them a smile, spit on their shoes.
6. Never be afraid to take up space – you’ve earned it. You deserve it.
7. When a boy claims to be a gentleman and keeps asking for your hand, tell him you’ll give him a finger. Yeah, you know the one I’m talking about.
8. ‘No’ is your friend. Practice saying it in the mirror so it will slip out like venom when he puts his hands on you.
9. Your worth is measured only by how happy you are. Nothing more, nothing less.
10. You are a fucking firework. I’m so proud of you.

— 10 Things I Wish My Mother Had Taught Me | d.a.s (via w-itching)
"Never cut a tree down in the wintertime. Never make a negative decision in the low time. Never make your most important decisions when you are in your worst moods. Wait. Be patient. The storm will pass. The spring will come." - Robert Schuller

— (via stunningpicture)


Fall Flow by photo fiddler on Flickr.



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Sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage, just literally twenty seconds of embarrassing bravery. And I promise you, something great will come of it.

— Benjamin Mee, We Bought a Zoo (via unmaiden)
Instead of condemning people, let’s try to understand them. Let’s try to figure out why they do what they do. That’s a lot more profitable and intriguing than criticism; and it breeds sympathy, tolerance and kindness. “To know all is to forgive all.

 Dale CarnegieHow to Win Friends & Influence People (via unmaiden)